Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Agent Zero Involved in an Accident

I was in the car with my dad heading back home at 6.30pm when paly texted me- ‘aku xcdn,kepala pecah,tulang rusuk patah’. I was what is this crap? so i texted him back- ‘bodo’. And he said serious la. So i called him back. And he sounded diff. I was so shocked. Sangat terkilan sebab tak dpt tgk dia. But i already called the rest of the peeps. And they waited for him at the Putrajaya Hospital. What to do..naik kete dgn org.

The incident happened right in front of kementerian perdagangan when he accidentally hit the back of a car. The car didnt turn on his signal when he wanted to turn right while paly was on his scooter, prolly on high speed. It was his 23rd birthday today. Before he left Putrajaya International COnvention Centre (PICC), he was telling me how malang today is 'birthday yang malang' coz he has to work. Something like that. And what do u get from it? Mmg betol2 malang. Never play with words.

He had 10 stitches…breathing difficulty.

Get well soon Love

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Too Harsh


     Yes i made a mistake but is it necessary to take it on me?

       U cant simply make assumptions on matters that is just too sensitive.    

Where is ur sensitivity? Its unfair that u used

   that mistake as the main factor that contributed to my failure

             while i myself dont even know why i failed. It hurts.


Teruskan lah

Dedicated to every girls that are never appreciated by their so-called loved ones.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Payback...not by Me

Its just a matter of TIME.

U give me shit..u get shit loads of shit.

ALLAH S.W.T is the Greatest