Friday, July 22, 2011


A colleague of mine who is also getting hitched this December initially wanted to hire the 'sombong'(ive blogged about this in the previous entry) boutique to do her dress, make up and pelamin. Mungkin rezeki dia dpt layanan baik so she did not think that boutique was any bad at all. And finally after attended another colleague's wedding, she fell head over heels over the pelamin. Made by Ari Couture. Nampak GAH kan...but actually the pricing is quite reasonable. So anyway this friend of mine made an arrangement with Ari and is ON! So no more stuck up boutique from KLANG. Tu la..sombong dgn potential pelanggan...tgk rezeki dh lari.

Btw Ari Couture's wedding dresses cater more to tudung wearing woman. :)

Till then. XO

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Im backkkkk. For the time being anyway. Wedding prep is back on track! I can foresee a major problem coming my way. For a girl who doesnt wear the head scarf, wedding head scarf (if u intend to wear one) will most prolly be one of the major problem. Awning? Lilit? Selendang? You name it. Not only tudung but your face shape is another factor that will turn u down. Not all girls are gifted with a face shape that suits any kinds of tudung. Unfortunately my face is one of it. Bahhhhh!! Ive been going to several shops but none suits to my liking. Apparently most of the people (including the boutique owner) said that my face suits more with tudung awning. :( baru je nak pakai tudung lilit2 ala2 arab.. Adehhhhhh.

Ada org kata tak payah pakai langsung since susah sgt. But i want to wear one for nikah despite the fact that itll most prolly turn out 'biasa je'.

Lets see how.......