Friday, December 21, 2012

Setahun Sudah

A year ago on 22nd December 2011, i got married to a man. He wasnt my dream man, but was just an ordinary man. But to me he was perfect. We both are two different creatures, but somehow we blend in well, he completes me. A missing piece of puzzle.

1 year of living together was a bliss. If i could rewind those moments i would. We managed to go through all the ups and downs, happiness and sadness together. Adapting to a new role, new environment wasnt easy. I missed my family, especially mama. But he took care of me well. He was the best substitute of mama.

After the 7th month of our marriage i stopped cooking as my morning sickness was awful. That was when i realized i have missed 1 part of being a wife. It just wasnt complete as i would cook for him practically everyday despite being new to the cooking world. I promise to start cooking once we're back together.

Marriage is not all about being in a paradise where everything is just too perfect. All those hardships made us what we are today. Whatever it is we are blessed with the life we have. It is true that miracles, rezeki happens during marriage. But of course we'll have to go through the rocky roads first. We are fortunate that we have the blessings from both families especially our parents. All their doas have kept us alive.

Tomorrow will be our 1st anniversary as a husband n wife. Unfortunately we are thousands miles apart. I promise to myself that i wont be sad as im carrying this miracle inside of me. But there are times when i would cry myself to sleep as i miss him so much. Never in my life have i been this independent. Since i cant rewind the memories we had together, i might as well list it down here. So here are the things that i miss the most about us.

1. The first meal i cooked when we moved to our apartment was 'ayam goreng, sayur tumis'. Makan atas lantai since we had no dining table. sedihhhh

2. He was a clean freak. No eating in the room, on the bed, in the living room. He would clean the dapur every time after i cooked for dinner. Magic Clean, his favourite brand.

3. He would do most of cleaning from vacuuming, mopping, dusting etc.

4. A good analyzer. He would notice things every time it is misplaced.

5. Waking him up for work is like waking up a kid for school. Yes he would hide under the comforter.

6. After having nightmare, i would wake up and he would be beside me and that felt so good. But now whenever i have nightmare i wake up to no one.

7. During my 6 weeks, i bleed as we were on our way to Trg. He was so calm and that made me calmed. Took care of me well while i was admitted.

8. We would take the day off if one of us were sick.

9. Him and golf have always been annoying. But never has he neglected me.

10. He tried to go inside the toilet when i puked during my morning sickness, and he got buekkkkk as well so had to force him out.

11. I miss making sunquick for him. His all time favourite drink.

12. Miss the moment when we would argue on where to eat as both have totally  diff appetite.

And the list goes on.

To my dearest husband, every second we spent together was valuable. Thank you for the past 1 year. You have taught me many things that i myself could never foresee. Despite being far away, i always remind myself that a part of you is in my tummy, alive. Will always love you.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Baby Boom!

We actually wanted to have a child after a year of marriage. But, daddy's turning 30 soon! So we speed up the process. Harharhar...It was the 2nd week of Ramadhan. My period came late. After the 7th day, i got brown stained. Darn i thought. No baby i guess. So aku pon buka la puasa. Esok x kluar pulak. Heran heran. So bought a UPT. Tadaaaaa....double line. Aku nangis. Tears of joy i guess. Went to Columbia Asia straight away. Something do exists in this tummy! Alhamdulillah.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Bulan Madu

Our destination was Bali, Indonesia. Bali has always been my dream honeymoon destination since a kid. We bought our tix 11 months before the wedding. 2 pax for RM300+. Iye sgt murah :) Syukur alhamdulillah takde apa2 halangan. Bali was just so nice. Rich in their culture. We booked our hotel like 3 months before the actual date/wedding. Here are some pics from the trip.

Our bed. X lembut sgt

they upgraded our room. FOC

House of paintings. Mahal!!

Sawah padi

urut kaki

at te temple. Pakai kain sebab nampak kaki

kecak dance

nusa dua. water sports area

with his personal trainer

SPA. Murah boleh tahan :) 

bubba gump

go curls!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Majlis Nikah-Vendors

My majlis nikah was on the 22nd December 2011. A very simple one indeed. We invited around 100 people.
List of vendors as follows:
1. Food: Embun Catering.
Food was excellent, but unfortunately we only had ayam goreng as everything was gone by the time majlis wrapped up.

2. Door Gift: 
Tante from Jakarta sponsored brooch along with its box. Very nice but no pics. We gave them out to all the ladies while for the men we gave out butang baju melayu. Brooch and butang baju melayu were put into a small bag along with telur masin (mom's idea). Telur wajib kan...tanda kesuburan walaupon masin! The bag is a very common one. I got mine at jalan TAR. Was very cheap. RM0.25 if im not mistaken. Pls refer below pic. 
*the pink bag*
3. Dress: Sendirian Berhad
Bought lace from Tanah Abang, Jakarta. Inner was from Gulatis. Veil was from a boutique in Ampang Park RM300. Got my kurung moden baju tailored for RM120 + beads (not that much though). While for Curls, Gezal Mihat adviced to use linen. So we bought 4 meters of linen from Jakel, Shah Alam. It turned out superb! Lain drpd lain. Suka Sukaaaaaa as Curls is thin, bila pakai linen takde la keding sgt. 1meter was around RM80 if im not mistaken. While songket tenun was bought in Pasar Payang, Terengganu RM450. 

4. Makeup: Munie Ahmad
Kak Munie was just superb. Harga berpatutan dan hasil kerja setanding dengan those professionals. 
Dia sgt punctual. I think she was 7months preggy. Bila makeup, sangat lembut. Orgnya pon mmg lembut. Highly recommended.
5. Pelamin: Ijab Qabul
As i have mentioned earlier, i wasnt going to go into details on pelamin sebab mmg in the first place mmg taknak pon pelamin. Tapi fikir2 balik, why not. Once in your lifetime :) Lagi2 mak angkat nak sponsor. Oh well, rezeki jangan ditolak ya. Ijab Qabul punya kerja sgt teliti and kemas. Love it! Liaise dengan dorang pon ok. Tak sombong mcm sesetangah vendor. Oooppps!
Idea pelamin came from this one website. Tapi dorang charge mahal sgt. RM1000+ just for this. No way im going to spend too much on a pelamin NIKAH. So i gave Shidi from Ijab Qabul the picture and apparently they came up with a better version. Good job Shidi and Julia! 
6. Hantaran: Arie Wedding
Like always, mula2 taknak ada hantaran. Lepas tu fikir2 (seperti biasa double fikir) balik, why not. Memang me and Curls tak ikut adat pon. 1 balas 1. He gave me cincin and emas kawin while i gave him a watch in exchange for a ring (dia tak pakai cincin). Gubah hantaran was RM250 each. Suka2 cantik. Tapi nampaknya mereka tak peka. I wanted something else, they gave a different gubahan. Takkan nak mengamuk last minute few hours before nak nikah kan. Nasib baik cantik. Lain kali peka and kurangkan sombong pls. Thanks

7. Photographer: Faris Syahmi
Mamat ni x payah komen sgt la. Dh mcm member2 dah. Highly recommended!

8. Videographer: Pixelworks
Overall ok. But really need to keep up with them kalau tak, lambat siap. Pushhh jgn tak push.
Price was RM1500. Harga and quality setanding la. Nak lagi cntik banyak, tp gotta pay more :)

 Did i missed out anything, anyone? Dh ngantuk sgt ni. Nak ZZZZzzzzzzzz. Will continue tomorrow insyallah!

Till Then

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A New of Everything

                                      pic credit to google
It has been 6months since we got married. Alhamdulillah. Perasaan dlm hati mengatakan 'I seriously miss my weddings!!!'. Dulu sebelum kawin taknak sanding, taknak jalan down the isle, taknak ni taknak tu. Tapi sekarang bila semuanya dh berlalu, seriously rasa rindu sgt nak jadi pengantin. To all the girls out there who are getting married, do what you wish to do during your wedding sebab takut nanti jadi kempunan. I read someone's blog before getting married on choosing the right wedding dress. Dia kata, klo suka sgt baju tu, just go for it walaupon harga a bit off the budget. Tapi jangan la budget RM2000 tapi nak baju harga RM10,000 kan. Berpada2 ya. Yang penting hati kita puas dgn apa yang kita dapat. So pls go all out with what ever is within your mind and heart. Rasanya dh lapuk. Should i or should i not write about my weddings? Tup Tup Tup....ok the next post! see ya!

Sunday, October 16, 2011


Been searching for this baby. Finally read from a blog that u can get it from Weststar (Taman Melawati). So yeasterday fiance and i headed to Tmn Melawati but there was none at Weststar. So we walked around the area since it was near to MIA (Msia Inst of ARt)so there must be more shops nearby that do sell these babies. Went to a shop beside Weststar. Surprisingly it was cheaper than the ones i saw in shah alam (near uitm). So apa lagi....beli je la. It was RM92.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Make Up Artist Terengganu

Fiance texted me few days ago informing me that there will be a kenduri plus akikah in Terengganu side. Oh Myyyyyy...less than 3months and i have to go and search for a tukang mekup/mak andam. Agak2 ada tak yang masih available? Crossing my fingers!
Hot date plak tu. 31 December 2011. But thankfully it'll be just a small kenduri. I dont know how majlis bertandang in Terengganu works. But usually in KL/Selangor its just like a normal wedding.

Less is more!

Me and fiance am trying our best to minimize the wedding (in terms of costs). So no pro photographer :). I dont mind. As long as my side (reception), i get what i want.

Ive been trying to find a decent makeup person. He/She doesnt have to be a pro. As long as the end result is satisfying. I know this one contact Kak Ida from D' Paloma. Her work looks good. She resides in KL, but often goes back to Terengganu (hometown). Unfortunately she has no plan to go back on that date :(. But she recommended D'Idaman and Dee Renjis. Problem is that D'Idaman doesnt have a website, or a blog. Cant see his work. I dont care if i dont have pelamin...a photographer...but i need to have a great makeup artist!