Thursday, June 28, 2012

Majlis Nikah-Vendors

My majlis nikah was on the 22nd December 2011. A very simple one indeed. We invited around 100 people.
List of vendors as follows:
1. Food: Embun Catering.
Food was excellent, but unfortunately we only had ayam goreng as everything was gone by the time majlis wrapped up.

2. Door Gift: 
Tante from Jakarta sponsored brooch along with its box. Very nice but no pics. We gave them out to all the ladies while for the men we gave out butang baju melayu. Brooch and butang baju melayu were put into a small bag along with telur masin (mom's idea). Telur wajib kan...tanda kesuburan walaupon masin! The bag is a very common one. I got mine at jalan TAR. Was very cheap. RM0.25 if im not mistaken. Pls refer below pic. 
*the pink bag*
3. Dress: Sendirian Berhad
Bought lace from Tanah Abang, Jakarta. Inner was from Gulatis. Veil was from a boutique in Ampang Park RM300. Got my kurung moden baju tailored for RM120 + beads (not that much though). While for Curls, Gezal Mihat adviced to use linen. So we bought 4 meters of linen from Jakel, Shah Alam. It turned out superb! Lain drpd lain. Suka Sukaaaaaa as Curls is thin, bila pakai linen takde la keding sgt. 1meter was around RM80 if im not mistaken. While songket tenun was bought in Pasar Payang, Terengganu RM450. 

4. Makeup: Munie Ahmad
Kak Munie was just superb. Harga berpatutan dan hasil kerja setanding dengan those professionals. 
Dia sgt punctual. I think she was 7months preggy. Bila makeup, sangat lembut. Orgnya pon mmg lembut. Highly recommended.
5. Pelamin: Ijab Qabul
As i have mentioned earlier, i wasnt going to go into details on pelamin sebab mmg in the first place mmg taknak pon pelamin. Tapi fikir2 balik, why not. Once in your lifetime :) Lagi2 mak angkat nak sponsor. Oh well, rezeki jangan ditolak ya. Ijab Qabul punya kerja sgt teliti and kemas. Love it! Liaise dengan dorang pon ok. Tak sombong mcm sesetangah vendor. Oooppps!
Idea pelamin came from this one website. Tapi dorang charge mahal sgt. RM1000+ just for this. No way im going to spend too much on a pelamin NIKAH. So i gave Shidi from Ijab Qabul the picture and apparently they came up with a better version. Good job Shidi and Julia! 
6. Hantaran: Arie Wedding
Like always, mula2 taknak ada hantaran. Lepas tu fikir2 (seperti biasa double fikir) balik, why not. Memang me and Curls tak ikut adat pon. 1 balas 1. He gave me cincin and emas kawin while i gave him a watch in exchange for a ring (dia tak pakai cincin). Gubah hantaran was RM250 each. Suka2 cantik. Tapi nampaknya mereka tak peka. I wanted something else, they gave a different gubahan. Takkan nak mengamuk last minute few hours before nak nikah kan. Nasib baik cantik. Lain kali peka and kurangkan sombong pls. Thanks

7. Photographer: Faris Syahmi
Mamat ni x payah komen sgt la. Dh mcm member2 dah. Highly recommended!

8. Videographer: Pixelworks
Overall ok. But really need to keep up with them kalau tak, lambat siap. Pushhh jgn tak push.
Price was RM1500. Harga and quality setanding la. Nak lagi cntik banyak, tp gotta pay more :)

 Did i missed out anything, anyone? Dh ngantuk sgt ni. Nak ZZZZzzzzzzzz. Will continue tomorrow insyallah!

Till Then

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