Saturday, April 16, 2011

Maybank Malaysian Open

Such a ‘cool’ morning to start out with. Went back to sleep as it rained heavily :) . I only managed to get out of bed at 12.30pm. But poor SM had to wait for the tournament to take place due to the heavy rain. I for once, have never encouraged SM to be so keen towards golf. But seeing him happy is just soooooooo nice. So I bought him the tix for Maybank Malaysian Open. The tix wasn’t that expensive anyway. But being a Maybanker, I could have gotten the tix for RM10 (full session Thurs-Sun). Tapi takpe la :)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Wedding Dress

I've finally found 'the one'. ;) Been to many bridal boutiques. U name it, KL, Shah Alam, Kajang, Bangi. Poor fiance had to drive me all around. Anyway im here to talk about the experiences ive dealt with throughout the past 4 months of wedding dress hunting. Im sure all the B2B have their own experiences. Whether its good or bad kan? :)

Let me list down ALL the bad experiences Ive had with certain bridal houses that ive been to. TUJUAN: Not to bring down their business, but we as customers and B2B, have the rights to know. Name of the company shall not be disclose as i still have respect for their business. But if any of you would like to know who they are, u may email me personally :). Not a problem.

1) The boutique is located at Klang. Pernah kluar dlm majalah Pengantin. So fiance and i made an appointment at 7pm as it was after work. Office is at KL so i had to rush my way to get there. The boutique closes at 8pm. We understand that clearly. Anyway when we got there, there was two staffs. The one who entertained us was ok. But we werent satisfied. I like the dress which was on the manequin. So i showed some interest towards that dress. And she said something like this "ohh...baju ni tak sesuai dgn akak..sebab baju ni panjang..untuk org tinggi..klo akak kecik mcm ni tak sesuai". That was one remark. So i chose another dress...and she allowed me to have it a try. When i got to the fitting room, the other girl approached us. She asked when i was getting hitched. And with her bengis face PR negative, told us i cant try it on. I can only try it on ONLY if i was certain that i want the dress. am i supposed to determine whether i want the dress w/o trying it on?? Sangat tak professional. When i got out from the room, fiance was puzzled. I told him they wont let me try it on. He got pissed. And we left. I was soooo down. Fiance wasnt satisfied so he texted the owner. She called us back from Medan. Apologized etc...her PR was good enough. She even gave us discount of the dress that was on the manequin. But Fiance said "no thanks, were going for Gezal Mihat". Padahal tak ponnnnn..saje nak belagak dgn org belagak. eheheheh. So thats one story.

2) 2nd story is not from my personal experience but from a friend's. She went to a wedding expo recently at midvalley. She came to this one booth which has a boutique at Taman Melawati ;). She is a plus size...and she asked one of the girl if there is any dress her size. And the girl looked at her and then to her colleague as if saying 'u tu gemok..mana ada baju size u'. So she just left the booth.

3) Another friend who paid deposit at one of the bridal butik during a wedding expo for a dais was promised that they would do the dais as according to my friend's liking. However when she came few days later to talked about the dais...they refused to do as what she wanted. Reason being: They would have to buy more deco. And the owner's intonation towards my friend was quite rude.

So B2B, please be extra careful when dealing with all the bridal boutiques. I would not recommend u to book what ever u want during the wedding expo. Go dirently to their boutiques...ask lotsa more research...DO NOT be influence with the price they offer. Quality is indeed vital :) Happy hunting