Friday, December 21, 2012

Setahun Sudah

A year ago on 22nd December 2011, i got married to a man. He wasnt my dream man, but was just an ordinary man. But to me he was perfect. We both are two different creatures, but somehow we blend in well, he completes me. A missing piece of puzzle.

1 year of living together was a bliss. If i could rewind those moments i would. We managed to go through all the ups and downs, happiness and sadness together. Adapting to a new role, new environment wasnt easy. I missed my family, especially mama. But he took care of me well. He was the best substitute of mama.

After the 7th month of our marriage i stopped cooking as my morning sickness was awful. That was when i realized i have missed 1 part of being a wife. It just wasnt complete as i would cook for him practically everyday despite being new to the cooking world. I promise to start cooking once we're back together.

Marriage is not all about being in a paradise where everything is just too perfect. All those hardships made us what we are today. Whatever it is we are blessed with the life we have. It is true that miracles, rezeki happens during marriage. But of course we'll have to go through the rocky roads first. We are fortunate that we have the blessings from both families especially our parents. All their doas have kept us alive.

Tomorrow will be our 1st anniversary as a husband n wife. Unfortunately we are thousands miles apart. I promise to myself that i wont be sad as im carrying this miracle inside of me. But there are times when i would cry myself to sleep as i miss him so much. Never in my life have i been this independent. Since i cant rewind the memories we had together, i might as well list it down here. So here are the things that i miss the most about us.

1. The first meal i cooked when we moved to our apartment was 'ayam goreng, sayur tumis'. Makan atas lantai since we had no dining table. sedihhhh

2. He was a clean freak. No eating in the room, on the bed, in the living room. He would clean the dapur every time after i cooked for dinner. Magic Clean, his favourite brand.

3. He would do most of cleaning from vacuuming, mopping, dusting etc.

4. A good analyzer. He would notice things every time it is misplaced.

5. Waking him up for work is like waking up a kid for school. Yes he would hide under the comforter.

6. After having nightmare, i would wake up and he would be beside me and that felt so good. But now whenever i have nightmare i wake up to no one.

7. During my 6 weeks, i bleed as we were on our way to Trg. He was so calm and that made me calmed. Took care of me well while i was admitted.

8. We would take the day off if one of us were sick.

9. Him and golf have always been annoying. But never has he neglected me.

10. He tried to go inside the toilet when i puked during my morning sickness, and he got buekkkkk as well so had to force him out.

11. I miss making sunquick for him. His all time favourite drink.

12. Miss the moment when we would argue on where to eat as both have totally  diff appetite.

And the list goes on.

To my dearest husband, every second we spent together was valuable. Thank you for the past 1 year. You have taught me many things that i myself could never foresee. Despite being far away, i always remind myself that a part of you is in my tummy, alive. Will always love you.

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